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Carnegie Mellon Database Seminar

Welcome to the Database Seminar web page at the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University!

What is it?

The weekly CMU database seminar is a gathering of students and faculty interested in database systems,
data mining and machine learning.The meetings are hour-long and consist of presentations of recent
research papers, practice talks, or invited talks.

When and Where?

Mondays 4:00-5:00pm
GHC 8115
If the time/location changes, you will be notified through the DB seminar mailing list.

Who can give a talk?

We encourage everyone to share interesting research on database systems with our group, by giving a talk
at the weekly database seminar. The invitation is extended to CMU faculty and students, as well as researchers
from other universities and industrial organizations. Local speakers may choose to present their own research
work or recent publications from database conferences or related fields. Students interested in database systems
are strongly encouraged to attend the seminar.

How can I schedule a talk?

To give a talk, check out the current schedule, choose an open date, and email it to us along with the title and
abstract of your talk. You may also want to check the guidelines and rules.

How do I get notified about the talks?

We send information about the upcoming talks through the mailing list:
To subscribe to the mailing list, follow the link.
Please mail your comments to Danai Koutra: danai AT