Hardware Accelerated Database Lectures - Fall 2018


Let's get real and talk about hardware acceleration for database management systems. We are flexing hard with another season of database technical talks at Carnegie Mellon University in Fall 2018. The "Hardware Accelerated Database Lectures" is a semester-long seminar series featuring speakers from the leading developers of DBMSs designed to exploit modern computational and storage hardware. Each speaker will present the implementation details of their respective systems and examples of the technical challenges that they faced when working with real-world customers. Get your body back on campus in the cut and attend these lectures. Trust me on this.

All talks are open to the public (i.e., anyone in the Pittsburgh community). You do not need to be a current CMU student to attend. Drifters are especially welcome.

Videos will be posted after each talk.

Time: 12:00pm

Location: CIC - 4th floor (ISTC Panther Hollow Room)

Organizer: Andy Pavlo

This seminar series is held in conjunction with the following groups at Carnegie Mellon: