SCS team, alumni and colleagues attract the Best Paper award in CIKM’12!

Posted: November 1, 2012 | Posted in Awards

The paper gives fast, scalable algorithms to strengthen (or weaken) a network, by careful edge additions (or removals), and gives applications on real graphs.

The full citation is:

  • H. Tong, A. B. Prakash, T. Eliassi-Rad, M. Faloutsos, and C. Faloutsos, "Gelling, and melting, large graphs by edge manipulation," in CIKM, 2012, pp. 245-254. [PDF] [BIBTEX]
      author = {Hanghang Tong and B. Aditya Prakash and Tina Eliassi-Rad and Michalis Faloutsos and Christos Faloutsos},
      title = {Gelling, and melting, large graphs by edge manipulation},
      booktitle = {CIKM},
      year = {2012},
      pages = {245-254},
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The first two authors are SCS alumni (2010 and 2012, resp.), advised by the last author, SCS faculty Prof. Christos Faloutsos.

CIKM is one of the top conferences in information retrieval and data mining with 1099 articles submitted this year, and only 146 of them accepted as full papers.