CMU provides a wide selection of database courses, both in undergraduate level and graduate level.

15-415/615 — Database Applications

This course is designed for senior undergraduate students that covers fundamental materials of databases and their common uses.
Offered in Fall Semesters (Occasional)

15-445/645 — Database Systems

This course provides an introduction to the internal architecture of database systems. This is a project oriented course and counts for the SCS systems undergraduate requirement.
Offered in Fall Semesters

15-721 — Advanced Database Systems

This is a graduate-level course focuses on the advanced design issues and hand-on implementation of a DBMS system. It is a departmental core course in the area of software system.
Offered in Spring Semesters

15-823 — Advanced Topics in Database Systems

This is a graduate-level (research-level) course for discussions on the recent development in the database area. Students are assumed to have experiences on the database research.
Offered Fall Semesters (Occasional)

15-826 — Multimedia Databases and Data Mining

This is a graduate-level course which covers advanced algorithms for learning, analysis, data management and visualization of large datasets.
Offered Fall and Spring Semesters