CMU provides a wide selection of database courses, both in undergraduate level and graduate level.

15-415/615 — Database Applications

This course is designed for senior undergraduate students that covers fundamental materials of databases and their common uses. This course is deprecated and is unlikely to be taught in the near future. CS students are encouraged to take 15-445/645. Non-CS students should consider 95-703 and 90-728.

15-445/645 — Intro to Database Systems

This project-oriented course provides an introduction to the internal architecture of database systems. This course satisfies the Software Systems Elective requirements for CMU SCS’s Computer Science Bachelors Curriculum.
Starting in Spring 2023, it will be offered every semester

15-721 — Advanced Database Systems

This is a graduate-level course focuses on the advanced design issues and hand-on implementation of a DBMS system. It is a departmental core course in the area of software system.
Offered in Spring Semesters

15-799 — Special Topics in Database Systems

This is a graduate-level (research-level) course for discussions on the recent development in the database area. Students are assumed to have experiences on the database research.
Offered Fall and Spring Semesters (Occasional)

15-826 — Multimedia Databases and Data Mining

This is a graduate-level course which covers advanced algorithms for learning, analysis, data management and visualization of large datasets.
Offered Fall and Spring Semesters