CMU-DB Industry Affiliates Program

Carnegie Mellon University Database Group’s Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) seeks to foster a dynamic partnership between academia and the database practitioners in industry. As a hub for groundbreaking advancements in database systems, CMU-DB IAP has cultivated a unique ecosystem that brings together leading researchers, forward-thinking students, and industry pioneers. This program serves as a bridge between theoretical exploration and real-world application, propelling the field of databases into new frontiers while providing invaluable insights and solutions to our industry affiliates.

The goal of CMU-DB’s IAP is:

  • Share findings from research in data management.
  • Foster communication between academia and industry.
  • Establish connections between students and potential employers.
  • Seek feedback from industry on research and education initiatives.

For more information about the CMU-DB’s IAP, including how to join, please contact

Fall 2024 Retreat

The CMU-DB Group will be hosting an on-campus retreat for our sponsors at the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester. The goal is to bring together researchers, students, and industry partners to discuss ongoing and future projects, as well as CMU-DB’s educational and outreach efforts.

More information about the schedule and travel/lodging information will be available later in the year.

September 16-17, 2024
Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science
Gates-Hillman Center
Pittsburgh, PA USA