Charlie Swanson (MongoDB)

Event Date: Tuesday October 20, 2015
Event Time: 05:30pm EDT
Location: GHC 4405
Speaker: Charlie Swanson [INFO]

Title: How MongoDB Answers Questions About Your Data

From “How many documents are in my collection?” to “What state has the highest percentage of people living in its most populous city?”, there are many questions MongoDB can answer about your data. In this talk, we’ll see what sorts of questions can be asked, and how MongoDB finds the most efficient way to answer them. Determining the best way to answer a query is a challenging and complex subject. We’ll show how to express your questions using MongoDB’s query and aggregation language, then explore how MongoDB considers the various options and attempts to choose the most efficient way to answer these queries. We’ll show some of the interesting optimizations MongoDB takes advantage of and explore how we might be able to improve performance in the future.