DB Seminar [Fall 2014]: Nobu Furukawa

Event Date: Monday November 3, 2014
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Location: GHC 8102
Speaker: Nobu Furukawa

Title: Automatic Difficulty Factors Mining For Skill Modeling


Improving student productivity in online learning depends on designing learning environments based on principles derived from learning science research into how people learn.  Students master a skill by solving the sequence of practice exercises related to the skill.  The initial development of a skills model on a course, defining skills and associate them with exercises, heavily relies on human intuition, thus it might have a discrepancy which leads to differences between expected and actual student performance.

Learning Factors Analysis (LFA) is an approach for improvement of a skills model by introducing difficulty factors which split a skill.  Although LFA is a powerful tool, difficulty factors need to be defined by domain experts.  This talk will start with a short introduction to LFA and evaluating method of skills models.  Then we will talk about our ongoing research for automatic difficulty factors mining.