DB Seminar [Fall 2014]: Pengtao Xie

Event Date: Monday September 22, 2014
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Location: GHC 8102
Speaker: Pengtao Xie

Title: Privacy Preserving Graph Analytics On Encrypted Graph

Many graph mining and analysis services have been deployed on the cloud, including Neo4j, GraphDB, Dydra, Infinity Graph, GraphLab, System G, to name a few. Cloud based graph analytics can alleviate users from the burden of implementing and maintaining graph algorithms. However, it invades the security and privacy of users’ graph data. To solve this problem, we propose CryptGraph, which runs graph analytics on encrypted graph to preserve the privacy of both users’ graph data and the analytic results. In CryptGraph, users encrypt their graph before uploading them to the cloud. Cloud runs graph analysis on the encrypted graph and obtains results which are also in encrypted form that the cloud cannot decipher. The encrypted results are sent back to users and users do the decryption to get the plaintext results. In this process, users’ graph and the analytics results are both encrypted and the cloud knows neither of them. Thereby, users’ privacy can be strongly protected. Meanwhile, with the help of homomorphic encryption, the results analyzed from the encrypted graph is guaranteed to be correct.