[DB Seminar] Spring 2017: Hyeontaek Lim

Event Date: Monday April 17, 2017
Event Time: 04:45pm EDT
Location: GHC 8102
Speaker: Hyeontaek Lim

Title: Cicada: Dependably Fast Multi-Core In-Memory Transactions

Multi-core in-memory databases promise high-speed online transaction processing.  However, the performance of individual designs suffers when the workload characteristics miss their small sweet spot of a desired contention level, read-write ratio, record size, processing rate, and so forth.

Cicada is a single-node multi-core in-memory transactional database with serializability.  To provide high performance under diverse workloads, Cicada reduces overhead and contention at several levels of the system by leveraging optimistic and multi-version concurrency control schemes and multiple loosely synchronized clocks while mitigating their drawbacks.  On the TPC-C and YCSB benchmarks, Cicada outperforms Silo, TicToc, FOEDUS, MOCC, two-phase locking, Hekaton, and ERMIA in most scenarios, achieving up to 3X higher throughput than the next fastest design.  It handles up to 2.07 M TPC-C transactions per second and 56.5 M YCSB transactions per second, and scans up to 356 M records per second on a single 28-core machine.