[DB Seminar] Spring 2017: Joy Arulraj

Event Date: Monday January 30, 2017
Event Time: 04:45pm EDT
Location: GHC 8102
Speaker: Joy Arulraj [INFO]

Title: How To Build A Non-Volatile Memory Database Management System

Joy will give a talk on his work.The difference in the performance characteristics of volatile (DRAM) and non-volatile storage devices (HDD/SSDs) influences the design of database management systems. The key assumption has always been that the latter is much slower than the former. This affects all aspects of a DBMS’s runtime architecture. But the arrival of new non-volatile memory (NVM) storage that is almost as fast as DRAM with fine-grained read/writes invalidates these previous design choices.

In this talk, I will first provide an outline on how to build a new DBMS given the changes to hardware landscape due to NVM. I will then present recent developments in NVM-aware logging and recovery protocols, and discuss the lessons learned from our ongoing research on designing NVM database systems. I will conclude by highlighting a set of open research problems in this area.

Joy is a fourth-year PhD student in the Database Group at Carnegie Mellon University. He is advised by Andy Pavlo. He is also a member of the Parallel Data Lab.