[DB Seminar] Spring 2020 DB Group: Another Relational Database, Why and How

Event Date: Monday July 6, 2020
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Speaker: Oscar Batori & Zach Musgrave

Title: Another Relational Database, Why And How

There are a lot of relational database, so a fair question is why we decided to create a new one. The primary reason is trade-offs. Relational database are optimized for storing a single version of the truth and providing it or updating it with maximum efficiency. More succinctly they are optimized for being good OLTP stores. They are not optimized to meet the increasingly common need to move structured data from one party (person or entity) to another. The existing mechanisms for doing so are “formats”, such as CSV, JSON, etc. This talk makes the case that there is technical and economic motivations for building a structured data store using concepts from version control to achieve more efficient and less error prone movement of data. Dolt is our concerete attempt at achieving this. After delivering the Why of Dolt we will switch gear and dive into the data structures that make it possible to achieve such design goals with acceptable performance characteristics.

Zoom Link: (Password 264771)