[Fall 2023] New Semester Research Meeting

Event Date: Thursday August 31, 2023
Event Time: 12:00pm EDT
Location: GHC 9115

Carnegie Mellon University’s renowned Database Group is thrilled to announce the kickoff of its Fall 2023 semester with a highly anticipated meeting on Thursday, August 31st. This gathering promises to be an extraordinary occasion as the members embark on a vainglorious retrospective, celebrating the group’s remarkable research achievements over the years, as well as to begin discussions on new projects.

As pioneers in the field of database systems and data management, the Database Group at Carnegie Mellon University has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and contributed significantly to the advancement of the database landscape. The group’s members, comprising distinguished faculty, exceptional researchers, and promising graduate students, have collectively generated groundbreaking research outcomes, leaving a lasting impact on academia and industry alike.

During the upcoming meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating journey of the Database Group, tracing back the evolution of their most influential projects and groundbreaking contributions. From novel data storage techniques to cutting-edge query optimization algorithms, the group continually strives for excellence and has been instrumental in shaping the database domain.

This meeting is open to CMU students looking to get involved in database research. Pizza will be served.