Leveraging Generative AI with Oracle AI Vector Search (Shasank Chavan)

Event Date: Wednesday June 26, 2024
Event Time: 12:00pm EDT
Speaker: Shasank Chavan [INFO]

Title: Leveraging Generative AI With Oracle AI Vector Search

AI Vector Search in Oracle 23ai is a new, transformative way to intelligently search through your unstructured business data efficiently, and accurately, by using AI techniques to match on the semantics, or meaning, of the underlying data. With the inclusion of a new VECTOR datatype, new approximate search indexes, and new SQL operators and extensions, enterprise companies can quickly and easily leverage AI Vector Search to build modern, generative-ai applications with just a few lines of SQL! And with this simplicity comes power, as AI Vector Search is fully integrated with Oracle’s enterprise-grade functionality, such as transactions, RAC, and Exadata. This talk will dive into the mechanics of AI Vector Search, ensuring a solid understanding of its implementation and benefits.

PDL Summer 2024 Talk Series
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Shasank Chavan is the Vice President of the Data, In-Memory and AI Technologies group at Oracle. He leads an organization of brilliant engineers working on the nexus between AI systems and modern databases. His team is currently hyper-focussed on developing the next-generation, AI-centric data storage engine, designed for in-memory OLTP, Analytics and Vector Search capabilities to power the AI and Generative AI revolution to come. Shasank earned his BS/MS in Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego. He has accumulated 50+ patents over a span of 25 years working on systems software technology.

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