Michael Zwilling (Microsoft Hekaton)

Event Date: Thursday September 25, 2014
Event Time: 12:00pm EDT
Location: CIC - 4th floor (ISTC Panther Hollow Room)
Speaker: Michael Zwilling

Title: Microsoft SQL Server's In-Memory OLTP Architecture And Capabilities

In-Memory OLTP (formerly known as Hekaton) is a key feature in the In-Memory offerings of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 product. In this talk we will discuss the hardware trends, user scenarios, and history that prompted its key architectural pillars of main-memory optimization, lock/latch-free concurrency control and SQL compilation to native code, as well as how the technology is integrated into SQL Server. Along the way we will discuss some the myths around the technology, how customers are using it, and how it and column-store technology are influencing the evolution of SQL Server.

Part of the “Seven Databases in Seven Weeks” Seminar Series:

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