[PDL Visit Day 2015] Roger MacNicol (Oracle)

Event Date: Monday May 11, 2015
Event Time: 02:45pm EDT
Location: CIC - 4th floor (ISTC Panther Hollow Room)
Speaker: Roger MacNicol

Title: Query Franchising: A High Performance Solution For Heterogeneous Data Environments

With the end of the civil war between Hadoop and traditional database, customers have data in both: using the most appropriate tool for whichever kind of data it is. The natural result of this is a need for a unified query infrastructure to provide a simple interface to request reports that may draw on data in, for example, Oracle, MongoDB, and Cloudera, and return those results in a timely manner. We proposed and implemented an architecture based on Oracle’s SmartScan technology that allows unified metadata and computing close to the disk which we have termed “Query Franchising”– dispatch of query processing to self-similar compute agents on disparate systems without loss of operational fidelity.

Eight years at University of Oxford followed by five years helping found a computer startup at Oxford in 4th Generation Languages. Moved to the US in 1991 to work on SQL extensions for multi-dimensional databases. Ten years at Sybase as Manager and Architect of the IQ Columnar Database engine. Two years at Oracle working replication for HA/DR. Currently eight years in the Data Storage Technology team working on Hybrid Columnar and In-Memory Columnar technology, part of the Big Data SQL team, and Technical Lead for Oracle's SmartScan technology.

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