[PDL Visit Day 2016] Shasank Chavan (Oracle)

Event Date: Tuesday May 3, 2016
Event Time: 02:30pm EDT
Location: CIC - 4th floor (ISTC Panther Hollow Room)
Speaker: Shasank Chavan

Title: Oracle Database In-Memory: The Next Generation

The Database In-Memory (DBIM) Option by Oracle is an industry-first dual format in-memory database that maintains transactional consistent data in both row and columnar formats. This unique architecture enables analytic and OLTP workloads to coexist simultaneously, bringing together the best of both worlds. DBIM is the fastest growing database option since its release in 2014, achieving great success with customer adoption. The next release of DBIM is slated for the summer of 2016, and contains significant innovations in the areas of join processing, aggregations, scan performance, and availability. Algorithms across the database stack have been redesigned to directly process encoded and compressed columnar data at memory bandwidth speeds using SIMD vector processing. Furthermore, existing Oracle functionality continues to be integrated seamlessly with DBIM, such as Automatic Data Optimization (ADO), Oracle’s solution for storage tiering based on heat map statistics, and Active Data Guard (ADG), Oracle’s solution for recovery, availability, and read-only data offload processing. The combined efforts of these latest features improve the SSB benchmark by 32X and the JSON no-bench benchmark by 8X.

Shasank Chavan is an architect and director of the In-memory Data Technologies group at Oracle Corporation. He is primarily responsible for driving and delivering core performance-critical and customer-facing data layer features in Oracle's Database In-Memory option. His team designs and develops CPU-specific "software-in-silicon" libraries for columnar data evaluation, optimized data formats and compression technology for efficient in-memory storage, algorithms and techniques for fast in-memory join and aggregation processing, multi-threaded scan execution engine with push-down technology, and optimized in-memory data access solutions in general. Shasank has over 17 years of experience working on systems software technology.

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