Peloton Project – Info Meeting (Fall 2016)

Event Date: Friday September 9, 2016
Event Time: 12:30pm EDT
Location: GHC 8115
Speaker: Andy Pavlo [INFO]

The CMU Database Group is holding an orientation meeting for students that are interested in getting involved in research and development of CMU’s new flagship database management system (DBMS). Peloton is a high-performance, in-memory relational DBMS for hybrid workloads. The key aspect of Peloton that makes it different from other systems is that it is designed to be completely autonomous and self-driving. It uses reinforcement learning to automatically configure, tune, and optimize the system without requiring human intervention.

At this meeting, we will discuss the high-level architecture of the system and its current development status. We will then discuss research projects and topics that we are looking for students to help out with and get involved. Students that make significant contributions to the project will also be invited as co-authors to help write papers for top database research conferences (i.e., SIGMOD, VLDB).

Topics to be discussed:

  • In-memory Transaction Processing
  • LLVM Code Generation & Query Compilation
  • Distributed Query Execution & Coordination
  • Deep Neural Networks (TensorFlow)

This event is open to all CMU students.

More Info: