Ryan Betts (VoltDB)

Event Date: Thursday November 13, 2014
Event Time: 12:00pm EDT
Location: CIC - 4th floor (ISTC Panther Hollow Room)
Speaker: Ryan Betts

Title: Faster Is Better

VoltDB is an in-memory, relational, SQL, fully ACID database well suited to supporting transactional applications against high speed event feeds. We’ll discuss:

  • Why VoltDB exists and the Stonebraker H-Store history
  • How VoltDB differs from its academic roots (and why)
  • Unique VoltDB capabilities that enable streaming data pipelines
  • Some engineering insights after 6 years of developing a distributed, consistent, high performance, fault tolerant, production system supporting many, many billions of production transactions every day.

Part of the “Seven Databases in Seven Weeks” Seminar Series:

Ryan Betts is CTO at VoltDB. He was one of the initial developers of VoltDB’s commercial product. Prior to joining VoltDB in 2008, Ryan was a software engineer at IBM. During a four-and-a-half year tenure, he was responsible for implementing device configuration and monitoring as well as Web service management. Before IBM, Ryan was a software engineer at Lucent Technologies for five years. In that role, he played an integral part in the implementation of an automation framework for acceptance testing of Frame Relay, ATM and IP services, as well as a high-availability upgrade capability and several internal components related to device provisioning. Ryan is an alumnus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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