[Vaccination 2021] Deterministic Database Management in Mission-Critical Applications (Andrei Gorine)

Event Date: Monday April 19, 2021
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Speaker: Andrei Gorine [INFO]

Title: Deterministic Database Management In Mission-Critical Applications

Mission- and safety-critical systems software designs embody key characteristics for which temporal correctness is essential. Deterministic, predictable, and fully controllable software components that complement modern real-time operating systems offerings are in demand. It is commonly believed by software developers that meeting timing requirements is a matter of sufficiently increasing system throughput. However, research, and industry projects have often brought forward temporal aspects and timing constraints of database transactions.

This talk will discuss the objectives of deterministic, predictable database management in the context of real-time application design. We will introduce extensions to the eXtremeDB database management system that add semantics and enforce database transaction priorities and deadline scheduling. We will then focus on the practical aspects of the design and demonstrate its use in a number of real-life applications’ patterns in a variety of real-time operating systems (RTOS) environments.

This talk is part of the Vaccination Database Tech Talk Seminar Series.

Zoom Link: (Password 809013)

Andrei Gorine is McObject’s co-founder and CTO, and his background includes senior positions with leading embedded systems and database software companies, providing embedded storage solutions in such fields as industrial control, industrial preventative maintenance, satellite and cable television, and telecommunications equipment. Mr. Gorine has published articles and spoken at many conferences on topics including real-time database systems, high availability, and memory management. Over the course of his career he has participated in both academic and industry research projects in the area of real-time database systems. Mr. Gorine holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, and is a member of IEEE and ACM.

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