[Vaccination 2021] Fast Materialized Views for Fast Websites (Malte Schwarzkopf)

Event Date: Monday May 17, 2021
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Speaker: Malte Schwarzkopf [INFO]

Title: Fast Materialized Views For Fast Websites

Modern web applications require fast reads of query results over user data. In practice, they use a complex, brittle, and tricky-to-manage caching layers to achieve this performance.

In this talk, I will discuss how we built a new database system, Noria, from the ground up around the paradigm of materialized view maintenance via incremental streaming dataflow. Noria combines eager and lazy dataflow processing to maintain partially-materialized views for an application’s queries with high performance and reasonable memory footprint, yielding 5-70x higher throughput than widely-used systems. Finally, I will preview our latest system, which uses a combination of lightweight per-user databases and materialized views to make privacy compliance (e.g., with the GDPR) painless for application developers.

This talk is part of the Vaccination Database Tech Talk Seminar Series.

Zoom Link: (Password 809013)

Malte Schwarzkopf is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown University; and previously was a postdoc with MIT's PDOS group, and received his PhD from the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on new abstractions that deliver efficient, easy-to-use, and trustworthy computer systems. Malte has received the NSF CAREER award, best paper awards at NSDI and EuroSys, and Google Research Scholar Award. He is still getting used to not living in a city called Cambridge.

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