Quarantine Database Tech Talks - 2020


It is a pandemic. Life is a mess. There is no end in sight. Each of us do not know how long it will be until it is our turn to catch the 'rona. Instead of living in fear and huffing bleach, you should focus on what really matters in life: databases.

Given this, the "Quarantine Database Tech Talks" is a on-line seminar series at Carnegie Mellon University with leading developers and researchers of database systems. Each speaker will present the implementation details of their respective systems and examples of the technical challenges that they faced when working with real-world customers.

All talks are on-line and open to the public via Zoom. You do not need to be a current CMU student to attend. Drifters are especially welcome.

Videos will be posted after each talk: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSE8ODhjZXjagqlf1NxuBQwaMkrHXi-iz

Time: Mondays @ 5:00pm ET
Location: Zoom (Must Be Authenticated)
Organizer: Andy Pavlo

This seminar series is held in conjunction with the following groups at Carnegie Mellon:


Date Speaker Talk Title Video
DuckDB Apr 20 Mark Raasveldt
Post-doc, CWI
DuckDB – The SQLite for Analytics
Anna Apr 27 Chenggang Wu
PhD Student, UC Berkeley
Anna: A KVS for Any Scale
ClickHouse May 11 Robert Hodges
CEO, Altinity
Introducing ClickHouse–The Fastest Data Warehouse You’ve Never Heard Of
APOLLO May 18 Jinho Jung
PhD Student, Georgia Tech
APOLLO: Automatic Detection & Diagnosis of Performance Regressions in Databases
Materialize Jun 1 Arjun Narayan
CEO, Materialize
Building Materialize, a Streaming SQL Database powered by Timely Dataflow
SQLancer Jun 8 Manuel Rigger
Post-Doc, ETH Zurich
Finding Logic Bugs in Database Management Systems
Vitesse Data Jun 15 CK Tan
Founder, Vitesse Data
Deepgreen DB: Greenplum at Speed
Chaos Mesh Jun 22 Siddon Tang
Chief Engineer, PingCAP
Testing Cloud-Native Databases with Chaos Mesh
Dolt Jul 6 Oscar Batori +
Zach Musgrave
Another Relational Database, Why and How
DataStax Jul 13 Jim McCollom +
Jeff Carpenter
Astra: How we built a Cassandra-as-a-Service
Rockset Jul 20 Dhruba Borthakur
Co-Founder, Rockset
Rockset: Realtime Indexing for Fast Queries on Massive Semi-structured Data
Jepsen Jul 27 Kyle Kingsbury
Founder, Jepsen.io
Black-box Isolation Checking with Elle
YugaByte Aug 3 Karthik Ranganathan
Co-Founder, YugaByte
YugabyteDB: Bringing Together the Best of Amazon Aurora and Google Spanner
Splice Machine Aug 10 Daniel Gómez Ferro +
Yi Xia
Splice Machine – An HTAP DB at Scale
TerminusDB Aug 17 Gavin Mendel-Gleason
Founder, TerminusDB
TerminusDB: Building a Native Revision Control DB from Scratch
ScyllaDB Aug 24 Avi Kivity
Founder, Scylla
ScyllaDB: No-Compromise Performance
PlanetScale Aug 31 Sugu Sougoumarane
Co-Founder, PlanetScale
PlanetScale: Query Planning for a Sharded System like Vitess
CrocodileDB Sep 14 Aaron Elmore
Assistant Prof., Univ. of Chicago
CrocodileDB: Resource Efficient Database Execution
Snowflake Sep 21 Jiaqi Yan
Software Engineer, Snowflake
Query Optimization at Snowflake
CockroachDB Sep 28 Rebecca Taft
Software Engineer, Cockroach Labs
CockroachDB's Query Optimizer
Arrow Oct 5 Wes McKinney
Founder, Apache Arrow
Apache Arrow Flight: Accelerating Columnar Dataset Transport
Databricks Oct 12 Cheng Lian + Maryann Xue, Databricks Databricks: A Deep Dive into Spark SQL's Catalyst Optimizer
FoundationDB Oct 19 Markus Pilman
Software Engineer, Snowflake
FoundationDB or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the Database
Datometry Oct 26 Lyublena Antova
Research Scientist, Datometry
Datometry Hyper-Q: Virtualizing the World's Enterprise Data Warehouses
MySQL Nov 2 Norvald H. Ryeng
Software Development Director, Oracle
Refactoring Query Processing in MySQL
EraDB Nov 9 Todd Persen
Founder, EraDB
EraDB: Designing Systems for Cardinality and Dimensionality
FaunaDB Nov 16 Matt Freels
Co-Founder, Fauna
Fauna: Lessons Learned Building a Real World, Calvin-based System
Confluent Nov 23 Matthias J. Sax
Software Engineer, Confluent
ksqlDB: A Stream-Relational Database System
Microsoft SQL Server Nov 30 Nico Bruno + Cesar Galindo-Legaria
The Cascades Framework for Query Optimization at Microsoft
TiDB Dec 14 Xiaoyu Ma
TiDB: On the Long Journey of HTAP