[¡Databases! 2022] Gaia: Direct Database Access without Database APIs (Tengiz Kharatishvili)

Event Date: Monday November 14, 2022
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Speaker: Tengiz Kharatishvili [INFO]

Title: Gaia: Direct Database Access Without Database APIs

GAIA database is an unusual engine – it offers a direct access model and supports memory pointers, applications are able to create and navigate complex data structures like graphs with no or very little API overhead: the engine implements transactional memory view with full transactional durability – whatever you do in memory gets captures and persistent in an efficient transparent manner. You get ACID properties of a database but with the look and feel of a “regular” C/C++ code that works with its object in memory directly. No data copies, no format conversions, no impedance mismatch between the database and the application, no need to learn SQL – everything just works.

This talk is part of the ¡Databases! – A Database Seminar Series.

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Tengiz is an architect in AWS Redshift team. Previously he worked on AWS Aurora project as one of the founding members. Before that Tengiz worked on various projects in Microsoft SQL Server engine development for more than a decade. In a previous life, though, he used to be a researcher in the field of physical acoustics and theoretical physics.

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