¡Databases! — Fall 2022

We thought that the previous semester's seminar series would be our last. We were not sure that we could top our incredible line-up of speakers. We thought we would hang it up and walk away content with what we accomplished. But then the draw of the database game kept calling us back, like a siren song or a hot mixtape track sold out of the back of a semi-legal camper down in the Gates-Hillman Center parking garage.

This is why we are excited to hold "¡Databases! – A Database Seminar Series" this semester at Carnegie Mellon University. Each speaker will present the implementation details of their respective systems and examples of the technical challenges they faced when working with real-world customers.

All talks are on-line and open to the public via Zoom. You do not need to be a current CMU student to attend. Random people off of the internet are especially welcome. Videos will be posted on the CMU-DB Youtube Channel after each talk.

Time: Mondays @ 4:30pm ET
Location: Zoom (Must Be Authenticated)
Organizers: Andy Pavlo, Matt Butrovich

This seminar series is held in conjunction with the following groups at Carnegie Mellon: