[Vaccination 2022] ApertureDB: Designing a Purpose-built System for Visual Data and Data Science (Vishakha Gupta)

Event Date: Monday March 7, 2022
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Speaker: Vishakha Gupta [INFO]

Title: ApertureDB: Designing A Purpose-built System For Visual Data And Data Science

Data science and ML techniques can help understand visual content and enable better customer experience across domains, in turn driving the exponential growth in the amount of visual data. Managing large amounts of visual data (images or videos) is extremely time consuming, frustrating, and inefficient due to a lack of data management solutions designed with visual data or data science in mind. In this talk, I will start by briefly highlighting why visual data needs special treatment now and how this can be achieved. I will also dive deeper into certain architecture and design decisions that have worked well so far as we build such a database ourselves, and discuss some challenges we are yet to address.

This talk is part of the Vaccination Database (Booster) Tech Talk Seminar Series.

Zoom Link: (Passcode 982149)

Vishakha Gupta-Cledat is Co-founder and CEO of ApertureData. Prior to that, she worked at Intel Labs for over 7 years where she led the design and development of VDMS (the Visual Data Management System) which forms the core of ApertureData’s product, ApertureDB. Vishakha holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a M.S. in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University. She has worked on scheduling in heterogeneous multi-core environments, graph based storage and applications on non volatile memory systems, and visual data management challenges for analytics use cases.

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