Vaccination Database Tech Talks - 2022

Booster - Spring 2022

Here we go again! Misinformed people don't want to get vaccinated because they are misinformed. That means the rest of us have to get boosters to make sure that we don't get sick. It also means we will have to stay home for another semester and learn about database systems every Monday.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce an encore booster round of Carnegie Mellon University's "Vaccination Database Tech Talks" on-line seminar series. Each speaker will present the implementation details of their respective systems and examples of the technical challenges that they faced when working with real-world customers.

All talks are on-line and open to the public via Zoom. You do not need to be a current CMU student to attend. Random people off of the internet are especially welcome. Videos will be posted on the CMU-DB Youtube Channel after each talk.

Time: Mondays @ 4:30pm ET
Location: Zoom (Must Be Authenticated)
Organizers: Andy Pavlo, Lin Ma

This seminar series is held in conjunction with the following groups at Carnegie Mellon: