[Vaccination 2022] QuestDB: Fast Open Source Time Series Database (Vlad Ilyushchenko)

Event Date: Monday April 11, 2022
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Speaker: Vlad Ilyushchenko [INFO]

Title: QuestDB: Fast Open Source Time Series Database

In this talk, we will discuss major technical challenges developers face when dealing with time series data and QuestDB’s design principles that are meant to solve these challenges. We will then go through QuestDB’s performance focused architecture and cover topics like storage model, transactions, in-order and out-of-order ingestion, concurrency control, and network interfaces.

This talk is part of the Vaccination Database (Booster) Tech Talk Seminar Series.

Zoom Link: (Passcode 982149)

Vlad Ilyushchenko is co-founder and CTO of QuestDB. He is a software engineer with decades of experience building low-latency high frequency trading systems for the financial services industry. Vlad is the original author of QuestDB core. He started the development of QuestDB from scratch in 2014 and open sourced the code in December 2019.

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