[Vaccination 2022] RonDB: A Key-Value Store with SQL Capabilities and LATS Properties (Mikael Ronström)

Event Date: Monday April 25, 2022
Event Time: 04:30pm EDT
Speaker: Mikael Ronström [INFO]

Title: RonDB: A Key-Value Store With SQL Capabilities And LATS Properties

RonDB is a key-value store with SQL capabilities and LATS (Latency/Availability/Throughput/ScalableStorage) properties. It is based on MySQL NDB Cluster that is used in extremely available applications such as universal data storage for mobile operators for many billions of subscribers. It is also used in gaming applications, financial applications and other areas. The main focus of RonDB in Hopsworks is as a platform for Machine Learning. RonDB handles the data storage for the Feature Store in Hopsworks, both the online Feature Store directly through its interfaces and indirectly for the offline Feature Store which is based on Hudi which in turn is based on HDFS. Hopsworks has implemented a distributed file system on top of RonDB where meta data and small files are stored in RonDB. As a Feature Store RonDB needs to serve many millions of key lookups per second and at the same importing large amounts of new data and being able to store up to petabytes of low latency data.

This talk will describe RonDB from a high level and focus a bit on the most challenging parts such as the checkpoint algorithm, network handling and scheduling of read requests.

This talk is part of the Vaccination Database (Booster) Tech Talk Seminar Series.

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Mikael Ronström is Head of Data at Hopsworks where he is working on RonDB, a key-value store with SQL capabilities and LATS properties. He previously worked on MySQL NDB Cluster since the early 1990s developing a NoSQL database before the term was invented. He holds a Ph.D in technical information systems from the University of Linköping. He has had 18 patents accepted on various topics around databases and high availability computer systems.

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