Reading Group

Spring 2019 Schedule

Time: Mondays @ 4:30pm
Location: Gates 9115
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Date Paper Slides Presenter
Jan 28 Automated Performance Management for the Big Data Stack AUTOMATED Dana Van Aken
Feb 4 Thriving in the No Man’s Land between Compilers and Databases THRIVING Prashanth Menon
Feb 11 Automatically Indexing Millions of Databases in Microsoft Azure SQL Database AUTOMATIC Lin Ma
Feb 18 FASTER: A Concurrent Key-Value Store with In-Place Updates Tianyu Li
Feb 25 Concurrent Prefix Recovery: Performing CPR on a Database CONCURRENT Matt Butrovich
Apr 1 SageDB: A Learned Database Systeme Gustavo Angulo
Apr 8 Noria: dynamic, partially-stateful data-flow for high-performance web applications NORIA Chenyao Lou
May 13 The Ghosts Of Graph Databases: Past, Present, And Yet To Come Laxman Dhulipala
May 20 Percona Live Practice Talk Lin Ma

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